Chewigem emotion bracelet

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Chewigem’s emotion chewigem allows a child to indicate non-verbally that he or she is angry or happy. The environment can then take his or her feelings into account.

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Emotion bracelet Chewigem

The chewing band in the emotion version of Chewigem is soft and flexible. The special thing about this chewing jewelry is that it consists of 2 colors, a red and a green side. The green side has the inscription: ‘Talk to me’ and a smiling chewigem smiley. The red side has the inscription: ‘Leave me be’ (leave me for a moment) and an angry chewigem smiley. Due to the flexibility, the emotion bracelet is also suitable for keeping restless hands busy! Available in version for children (size similar to the Tread bracelet). Available in version for adults (size comparable to the Bubba bracelet).

Express emotion non-verbally

With this chewing band, a stimulus-sensitive child can more easily indicate how he / she feels and the environment can perceive this and take this into account. Despite the English inscription, certainly suitable, because the smileys indicate the emotion.

Chewigem chewing jewelry meets chewing needs

Many children have the need to chew or bite on everything. Chewing reduces tension and helps to concentrate better. But it’s not tough: wet sleeves, broken cords and broken pens. To discreetly meet chewing needs, Chewigem has designed a fun jewelry line that children from the age of 3 can safely chew on. Chewigem jewelry is also widely used by adults and children with stimulus processing problems, autism or ADHD. In the Netherlands, chewigem’s largest range of chewing jewellery is available at Educadora Webshop.

Chewing jewelry contributes to improving concentration and reducing stress. But the chewing jewelry also has a big advantage for parents: finally an end to the wet sleeves and stretched collars!


  • Size: Internal diameter of 5.5cm
  • safe non-toxic silicone (without BPA, PVC, lead, latex or phthalate).
  • washable (even in the dishwasher)
  • approved according to EN71 standards
  • category: average chewing requirement
Weight 0,045 kg

Child, Adult


Mild chewing




Bite and chew


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