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Childcare Materials

Educadora has a wide segment of materials suitable for childcare, childminder or kindergarten. For convenience, we have sorted them into various sections. Whether you’re looking for themed toys or material for messy play, you’ll find it with us!

Development material

With developmental materials, you can challenge children with counting, sorting, and basics of arithmetic. You can also practice fine motor skills and, for example, color recognition with our materials. We have materials from Learning Resources, but also more wooden Montessori material from TickiT and Pagalou toys (you can also find these in our loose parts).

Theme toys

Not only in education it is nice to work with a theme. Especially within the nursery or childminder care it is nice to work with themes around the year such as the weather, the farm, the North Pole, etc.

Sensory Toys

To stimulate young children in their overall development, you can offer the best material that can stimulate various senses, think of beautiful visually challenging material, tactile toys or a combination of various sensory stimuli such as our colorful play sand. And did you know that you can also come to us for different types of Tuff Trays to let children play together!

Loose parts toys

How do you help children discover for themselves and how do you awaken curiosity and creativity in young children? By giving them some loose game materials and letting them come up with their own game with it. With us you will find many wooden game parts, wooden sorting bins to offer the materials or to sort.