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In a flashcard Transport is all about fun with vehicles while developing VocabularyShapesCounting. Help your little one discover his ever-expanding world with these simple learning moments to actively learn and bond.

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In a Flashcard Transport

The Transport package offers parents 3 beautiful sets of cards:

– 10 cards – means of transport. (2 levels, 5 cards per level)
– 10 cards – figures (2 levels, 5 cards per level)
– 10 cards – counting (2 levels, 5 cards per level)

The Cards come in a nice box. The Flashcards are ideal to prepare your toddler, preschooler for kindergarten. Very nice way to learn playfully and play together with your little one. This transport b set is suitable for children from 3 years old who can already count up to 10. With this set you will convert that repeating counting into more active and comprehensible counting.

A good age to start level 3 is (very surprisingly) 3 years. But do not start too quickly with the last level, fun and self-confidence are the most important thing. Each pack consists of three sets of cards that are nicely matched around a central theme and a beautiful copper ring to keep them bundled between plays.

How do you play with the Flashcards?

There are several games to think of with the cards, but this is the base game:

  • Choose a few cards from the theme and show your child to it
  • Talk to your child about what can be seen on the cards (tell)
  • Let your child look closely at the cards and ask where the plane is (pointing out)
  • Spread the cards around the room, making sure you can still see them all clearly
  • Send your child to a random card by giving hints, such as mimicking (hearing) sounds
  • Go along with the fantasy world and say for example: ‘drive your fire truck to red’ (see), ‘stomp like an elephant to the triangle’ (move)‘ or ‘put a block on the pig
  • Alternate the cards during the month or add cards. You will notice that your child is developing!

About In A Flashcard

The in A Flash method is based on kinetic learning (moving learning) and fits perfectly with tactile learning styles such as Montessori, Pikler and Reggio Emilia.

You’ll notice that your toddler starts counting or even starts to recognize and name shapes. These are your child’s first steps towards selective learning. Knowledge development is advancing. Your toddler is a diamond in the rough who needs all the time and space to develop into a beautiful piece of jewelry at his own pace. Don’t start with the third-level concepts until your child can name five colors and repeat the numbers to ten (acoustic counting). With the third level of the In A Flash method, your toddler will actively learn to count and recognize shapes in a way that you will both enjoy.


Product specifications

  • 30 cards with illustrations – 10 for each educational theme (vocabulary – colours – numbers),
  • 1 copper ring to bundle your cards stylishly,
  • 1 fingerprint card to create a beautiful work of art together with your little one and practice the new words
  • Brand: In a Flashcard
  • Age: from 3 years



Educational, Motor Skills, Sensory


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