Learning aids for the classroom and at home

These sensory tools help your child to process the stimuli better. These learning aids can help both at school and at home to learn better.

Fidgeting material for extra tactile stimuli

Some children can relax and concentrate better when they have something to fidget with. View a selection of the friemel toys here.

Active sitting in the classroom

Sitting still in class, difficult for many children. With these special vibrating cushions and educational stools, your child can sit actively, which benefits concentration. Also ideal for at home while doing homework.

Weighting products to relax

Weighting and deep pressure offers your child a safe and secure feeling so that he / she can relax better.

Relax with visual aids

Looking at an hourglass, at beautiful visual challenges, it triggers you to keep looking and you feel the peace coming over you. These beautiful visual hourglasses are therefore ideal to use during transition moments.

Dampen sound (and visual) stimuli in your sensitive child

A group of children has difficulty with sound stimuli. They benefit from these trendy hearing protectors. If your child is also easily distracted by visual stimuli, our acoustic concentration screens are recommended for the classroom or homework setting.