Play and learn at the same time? That is certainly possible with this cool letter game mat. In a playful way, children learn letters, sounds and words.

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The letter game mat combines action and learning in a cheerful and fun game for children from about 5 years old. In a playful way, children learn letters, sounds and words. The edge of the mat contains images of sound-pure words that consist of 3 or 4 letters. In the middle are all the letters of the alphabet, but also double letters to make even more words. You can also make words in different ways. For example, cow can be spelled with a k. o. and e but also with a k. and an oe. The easiest way to play with this mat is to have a child point out a word from the edge. Another child must then make that word by standing with hands and feet on the right letters. But…. you can of course also walk the word, play in teams by making the word with two people on the mat, you can also come up with longer words that are not on the edge. Of course, you can also translate the images on the edge into English… In short, a lot is possible with this fun letter game mat that best matches the learning level of children from 5 years (group 2/3/4/5) of primary school.

Very nice for at home to practice extra but of course also very useful at school. Ideal to further shape the moving learning in the school from group 3. The letterspelmat is approved for children from 3 years but of course only children from 5-6 years really start working with letters.

Product specifications

Age: From 6 years

Size: 170 x 140 cm.

Content: 1 letter game mat with the letters of the alphabet depicted on it.

The letter game mat comes in handy packaging with examples and explanations on the back. (25x20x5cm).


Dimensions 25 × 20 × 5 cm


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