Make it Rain

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Make it Rain is a double-sided set with on the one hand number clouds and balls to learn quantities. The other side is provided with the infinity symbol, the lazy 8 to practice children on school learning.

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Make it Rain

Make it Rain is a Number Match set, put a card with a number and have your child put the necessary number of balls underneath. A fun playful way to offer number comprehension to young children. The bid has 2 sides and therefore 2 variants full of activities that we explain below.

The front represents the counting area

This is about children learning to see the progression of the numbers. An added value to this board are the reversible engraved clouds. There are 10 clouds, engraved from number 1 to 20. Use the 20 wooden balls to make it rain. Twisting the clouds is a funny activity for children that will increase their interest. In addition, manipulating clouds and balls (raindrops) develops fine motor skills. The color intensity of the clouds increases as the number increases, intuitively telling the children that there should be more raindrops.

While learning mathematics, this board also provides the opportunity for teachers and parents to explain to children why it rains, and thus add new words to their vocabulary, such as water droplets and particles, condensation, vapor, liquid, ice, gravity, meteorological phenomenon, temperatures, snow, hailstone, frost, geosmen.

Track numbers. The shapes of the numbers are easily engraved with curved grooves, making it easy to trace the numbers with a wooden pencil or check with the fingers. As a result, children will learn to write the graphic elements of numbers correctly, respecting the shapes, size and ratio between the elements.

You can also use the board for sensory play. Add colored rice or dough to fill the grooves of the numbers.

The octagon contains the infinity symbol

This is a mathematical symbol that represents the concept of infinity. In algebraic geometry, the figure is called a Lemniscate (meaning ribbon) by the ancient Greeks. The figure eight activities (infinity symbol) are widely used in occupational therapy in the early upbringing of children. Following or drawing infinite lines prepares children’s brains to be ready to learn. Whether the child uses the cover pen to roll the balls or holds the board in their hands and rolls around and around, an enjoyable learning activity is guaranteed by this board that will keep kids entertained for hours.

Sensory play. Here, too, children can fill the grooves with rice or other sensory material.

The following skills are practiced

  • Learn to count
  • Add and subtract
  • Learns even and odd numbers
  • Compare two numbers and find which one is bigger and which is smaller
  • Learns about how the rain shower is formed and the importance of the sun in it
  • Learns new weather-related words
  • Learns about the infinity symbol and the concept of infinity
  • A nice introduction to basic concepts of geometry
  • Develops numeracy, fine motor brain activity, enriches vocabulary.

Whether it’s play, observation, appreciation, scientific exploration, or any other purposeful activity, the Make it Rain board is an indispensable educational tool in any child’s upbringing.

Product Specifications Make it Rain Board

  • Content: 10 reversible and numbered clouds, 22 pieces of natural wooden balls, each 16 mm. Two wooden cover pencils to trace the lines of infinite symbols and numbers.
  • Safety: CE certified, Manufactured in accordance with applicable toy safety legislation
  • Age: from 3 years

Educational, Fine motor skills, Sensory




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