Tuff Tray Mini – Activity table


Tuff Tray Mini is a sturdy large tray or tray that is suitable for sensory play, open-ended game or small world game. Does not include the frame.

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Tuff Tray Mini

Tuff Tray mini is an ideal play sheet for game activities and is also called activity table. It is, as it were, a shallow leaf that you can use loosely on the ground for small children. Or you place the play box on a table so that children can stand around it and play together. The mini viariant is the ideal size for home in your family with 1 or 2 children. The size is easy to move and can also be used outdoors.

Small world play is a fantastic tool to support the development of children in the early years. Use the activity table to visually match a theme or book. Farm theme? Fill the gaming table with accessories such as fences, play figures, straw, corn etc. In this way, the theme is experienced with all the senses and remains not only with listening and presenting, but also with experiencing materials.

Gaming table – Who is suitable for?

The Tuff tray can be used indoors or outdoors. Our large tuff tray is definitely recommended for childcare or the childminder. And actually also usable as a theme table. But also at school, the Tuff Tray is a must for playing outside with the preschoolers or as educational material in the classroom. The activity table invites you to visualize a theme and let children experience the theme with all their senses.

Tuff Tray Suggestions

  1. Sensory Game : Use Crazy Foam Soap and let children write figures, letters and numbers in the foam (can also be done with shaving cream or happy senso)
  2. Theme game: collect various materials and play figures around a theme on the tray. Think of farm, the ocean, dinosaurs or construction. Use basic material such as sand, rice and, for example, branches, tree discs and play figures. And add some wooden attributes such as wooden pliers, egg caps or scoops to let children scoop and practice fine motor skills.
  3. Sorting game: Fill the table with basic material and with colorful pompoms, beads, set of plastic pets etc. Place colored trays in the activity table and let children sort the materials by color. With the large tweezers you let them practice the fine motor skills.
  4. Learn letters / numbers: Here too, you can choose to fill the table with basic material such as colored rice and add letters or numbers to it. Have children search for the letters of their name or learn to count them by giving them a sorting bin with the stone numbers from 1 to 5, for example, and placing materials in the rice that they then have to place in the corresponding boxes in the sorting bin, until they have found the right number.
  5. Free Play: But the Tuff Tray doesn’t always have to have a purpose. Add materials (loose parts) and see what the child comes up with himself!

Materials for the Tuff Tray

Actually, as you read in the suggestions above, a lot of material can be used in the tuff tray. Take a look at our section Loose Parts and Sensory game. But if you are looking for educational activities, the materials of Tickit and Edx Education are a must when it comes to sorting, counting and sensory play.

Product specifications Activity Table

  • Brand: Cosy
  • Size: diameter of 69cm x H6cm.
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Material: Sturdy Plastic (scratches will occur in time)
  • Excluding metal frame standard.
  • Age: from 2 years (depending on content you offer on the gaming table)
Dimensions69 × 69 cm

Educational, loose parts, Sensory


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