Warm cuddly toy elephant


This warm cuddly toy, pillow Elephant is very suitable for use on young children to relieve pain and provide comfort.

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Organic heating pad Elephant

The elephant heating pad is equipped with a sealed inner bag with spelt grains. Spelt grains are old, rediscovered home remedies. They charge themselves with heat, release it in doses and retain the heat they store for a long time. There is no risk of burning, which is why the use of spelt cereals is particularly suitable for babies and small children. Heated spelt cushions are particularly suitable for local pain relief, such as around the stomach, but also great to use with your child on colder days for extra comfort and de-stimulation.

The heating pad is very easy to use. It can be heated in the microwave or oven. To ensure even heat distribution, the cushion should be rotated regularly. Once warmed up, the heating pad can provide heat for up to 45 minutes before needing to be reheated.

In addition to the analgesic effect, the heating pad can also help with stress and anxiety. The heat and pressure of the pillow on the body helps to reduce muscle tension and can therefore help calm the mind.

Another great advantage of the heating pad is that it is made of natural materials. Due to the use of organic spelt pellets, the heating pad is an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic painkillers

For cold use, it is recommended to place the pillow in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer for about an hour.

Product Specifications

  • Color: Natural White/Gray
  • Material: 100% cotton, cotton from certified organic farming.
  • Filling: organic spelt pellets (in separate removable cover)
  • Size: approx. 25 x 30 cm
  • washable, vegan (take out filling before washing)
  • Made in Germany

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