Weekly Planner Family


With the ‘Weekplanner family’ you can make the week visual with icons magnets for 2 or 3 children.

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Weekplanner Gezin van Gezinnig

This Family Week Planner is a planning board to use for several (two or three) children. It gives your children insight into, among other things, the following questions:

  • What day is it today?
  • On which days is there gym and overblijf?
  • When is the party or does the babysitter come?

This weekly planner is also recommended for children with co-parenting and/or a composite family. On the planner you can then indicate when they are in which house. Choose your own color magnets for each child. Do you have two children? Then you use the third color for the parent (s) such as picking up from daycare / school and putting to bed.

Does your child need their own overview? Then choose our

child weekly planner


How does the Weekplanner family work?

Each day is divided into 3 areas, which you can use as parts of the day: morning, afternoon and evening. The set contains three unprinted magnetic sheets in three different colours. You choose your own color for each child. Then choose the illustrations you want to use from the sticker sheet. The sticker sheet consists of transparent stickers that you stick on the magnets. The illustrations on the sticker sheet symbolize different activities. The meanings of the images are in the legend. You can also give your own meaning to the pictures. You can use the blank magnets for stickers that you miss, draw something on them yourself.

The advantages of the planning board weekly planner

  • Hold on and rest. One look at the weekly planner makes it clear which day it is and what is about to happen. Children like that.
  • Independence. Children can oversee the week. Whether or not to go to school, when is the swimming lesson or the party? It gives an awareness of time and one’s own responsibility is stimulated.
  • Prepared. Even with less nice things, such as the dentist, a weekly planner works nicely. If a child is prepared for an exciting event, the activity is often less difficult at the time.
  • Pleasure. In addition to the educational function, a weekly planner is also fun.
  • Extra: with the star stickers you can apply a simple reward system.

Product specifications

  • Contents: 1 magnetic planning board (size: 30 x 40.5 cm), 3 x set with 80 magnets (diameter 1.7 cm), 3 x sticker sheets with 180 illustrations, 1 manual + legend
  • Brand: Gezinnig
  • Age: From 3 years

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