Wobble cushion


A wobble pillow gives children extra tactile stimuli, this helps stimulus seekers to sit still and concentrate better in the classroom.

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Wobble cushion

This inflatable wobble cushion can be used sitting, standing or lying down. Have stimulus seekers sit on the pillow to help them improve concentration and promote a good sitting posture. When used standing up, this pillow improves proprioceptive and balance skills.
The smooth studs on one side of the cushion provide an extra tactile experience. It can also help improve problems with tactile defensiveness. The other side of the wobble cushion features smaller studs for slightly less tactile stimulation. In short, this pillow also called balance pillow is versatile both at home and at school.

The advantages of a wobble cushion

In general, a wobbly pillow has two main advantages. First, it provides improved concentration. For children who have difficulty sitting still or paying attention, it can therefore be a good idea to use a wobble pillow. Another important advantage is the sitting position of your child. It is important that at a young age the right posture is adopted and you sit straight. By using a wobbly pillow you promote this and children are forced to sit down properly.

When to use a wobble pillow

You can use a wobble pillow at different times. Especially when it is necessary to sit still or concentrate, it can offer a good solution. It is therefore often used at school or at home while doing homework.

It is important not to use a wobble pillow all the time. As a result, the benefits can become a lot less over time. Children get used to the feeling after a while, which reduces the effects.

Product specifications

  • Content: 1 balance cushion incl. small needle pump
  • Size: 34 cm diameter and 6 cm high
  • Max. weight to be carried: 80 kilos
  • Material: PVC
  • Colour: green or grey
  • Brand: Stimove
Dimensions34 × 34 × 6 cm

Move and sit




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Green, Grey