Chew Jewelry … For Children Who Chew Clothes or Pencils

Many children have the need to chew or bite on everything, also known as chewing needs. Chewing reduces tension and helps children (as well as adults) to concentrate better. But tough it isn’t: wet sleeves, broken cords and broken pins. In this article we give you information about Chewigem’s chew jewelry which you can buy in our webshop.


To discreetly meet chewing needs, Chewigem has designed a fun line of chew jewelry that children as young as 3 can safely chew on. Chewigem’s chewing products are also widely used by adults and children with stimulus processing problems, autism, ADHD or HSP.

Chewigem chewing products are original, tough and safe!

Chew chains in various strengths

Chewigem’s original chew chains provide children and adults with light to moderate/strong chewing needs. The chew jewelry is dishwasher washable and – not unimportantly – made of ͚safe͛ silicone and also extremely fun and cool to wear! Below you will find an overview of our collection of chew jewelry, sorted from light to firm chewing needs. Are you wondering how best to make a good choice? Then please read our TIPS

Chewing needs in children and adults

Children with excitation processing problems often have difficulty organizing all the information that comes in through the different senses. As a result, they can become overwhelmed by all the impressions they get in a day. Just think of the full classrooms, with many drawings and posters and information on the walls, the many children making noise and moving around. Not every child can easily shut down from this.

Chew jewelry helps relax and concentrate

Children who have difficulty shutting themselves off from all the impressions around them, or who are looking for an extra stimulus, sometimes have a tendency to chew or bite on, for example, clothes, hair, nails or pencils. This chewing you would like to unlearn your child. But it is just right to offer an alternative. After all, this need to chew helps your child regulate his or her alertness. It helps your child process stimuli. Because of this, it is recommended that an alternative be offered. In fact, chewing has a calming effect and helps children concentrate better.

Chewigem chewing products are free of chemicals

The silicones used for our teething jewelry are free of poison and chemical additives and carry the CE mark.

  • free of BPA
  • free of PVC
  • free of lead
  • free of latex
  • Free of phthalates

The lifespan of a chew collar typically ranges from a few weeks to several months, depending on the intensity of chewing. The chew jewelry is available in different colors and cheerful designs and in different strengths. Every child soon has their own favorite.

Chewigem-CE Seal of Approval

About Educadora [webshop]

Since 2013 I started my webshop with the focus on selling Chewigem’s chew jewelry. I am part of the team at Chewigem that helps think about new designs.

Because of my expert background as an orthopedagogue specializing in stimulus processing problems, I can give you great advice on purchasing our chewing jewelry and other sensory products.

In the Benelux and Germany, Educadora is the exclusive distributor.