Oliz is a beautiful design brand of high-quality and safe weighted toys and blankets

Aggravated sleeping problems

People who don't sleep well have trouble relaxing. They often remain in an overly alert or vigilant state. A weighted blanket helps with this. The blanket exerts a subtle pressure all over your body, which ensures a safe and secure feeling. With this feeling you signal to your body “it is safe, you can rest”. This will cause your body to produce more happiness and sleep hormones. The increase in happiness and sleep hormones ensures that you relax, fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. That deep sleep then ensures that you sleep better at night and get out of bed in the morning rested.

Advantages of weighted hug

The weighted hug provides sensory proprioceptive stimulation, which is a deep pressure on the body part where it is placed. This pressure has a calming effect on your child's nervous system. The weighted cuddly toy helps to optimize concentration and helps children learn about their bodies and the space around them. Benefits of the weighted soft toys include; - Improves focus and attention - Calms symptoms of anxiety - Calms physical movement - Sleep better - General sense of calm



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