Chewigem Chewing Jewelry is Original and Safe!

Chewigem is characterized by a series of original, sturdy and safe chew chains for children and adults with a chewing need.

About Chewigem

Chewigem's quirky chewing jewelry provides for a light to moderate chewing requirement and is also suitable for adults. The jewelry is washable in the dishwasher, made of 'safe' silicone and - not unimportant - also very nice and cool to wear!

Chew on pencils, hair or toys

Children with stimulus processing problems often have trouble organizing all the information that comes in through the different senses. As a result, they can become overwhelmed by all the impressions they gain in a day. Just think of the crowded classrooms, with many drawings and posters and information on the walls, the many children making noise and moving. Not every child can easily shut themselves off from this. Chewing is a way to process the stimuli.

Help to de-stimulate Chewigem chewing jewelry

Chewing helps your child regulate his or her alertness. It helps your child to process stimuli. It is therefore recommended to offer an alternative. Chewing has a calming effect and also helps children to concentrate better. Offering a bite chain is a good alternative.



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