Therapy tools

As a Therapist, it is sometimes a matter of looking for suitable tools. Educadora has a wide range of materials that are suitable for therapy purposes. Think of special products for children to stimulate gross motor skills such as a balance board, but also products to support the pen grip and fine motor skills. As a si therapist you will find a wide range of products for your practice as well as products for home and school.

Buy physiotherapy equipment

We offer small exercise material for the physiotherapist (suitable for physiotherapy or home use). Think of exercise material to stimulate balance and coordination, such as balance boards. But also materials to offer a challenging and attractive exercise course.

Purchasing occupational therapy equipment

For the occupational therapist we have all kinds of fun exercise materials to stimulate fine motor skills and the pen grip. Think of games, large tweezers, sensory materials and pen grips. Our material is suitable for therapy practice, but also for home use. Best known brand is Learning Resources.

Order sensory integration material

Especially for therapists who work in the field of sensory information processing, we have a very wide range. Think of sensory floor tiles, spiny balls, visual and tactile materials to challenge children in their sensory stimulus processing. But you will also find the tools to help children de-stimulate and concentrate, such as chewing chains, tangles, wobble cushions and weighted products.

Buy speech therapy equipment

For your speech therapy treatment you will find materials to train the oral motor skills, chewing products to support the chewing need. Do you have any tips that really should not be missing? Let us know and we will look for it.