Practice Educadora

Since 2008 I (Suzanne), after having worked for more than 8 years in youth welfare, have been working with great pleasure as an orthopedagoog in my own practice Educadora. I specialize in working with children and their parents (and environment) with attention and concentration issues and stimulus processing problems.

Educadora Webshop

Since I regularly helped parents in searching and advising in products that could help their child’s stimulus processing, I started a webshop in 2013. With initially chewing jewelry and tangles. Since 2016, the range has been further expanded to include senseez cushions.

Educadora Wholesale

In 2018 I started the wholesale Educadora wholesale. I provide for the distribution of the brands Chewigem, Senseez, Made by us Toys, Petit Boum, Zip sheets and Spektra. In the future, I also want to add my own line of products.

About me – mother of 4

But of course I am not just an orthopedagogue and webshop owner. I have 4 headstrong darlings of children (2003, 2005, 2009, 2012) and a sweet husband. In my spare time, I enjoy nature and enjoy spending time with my family.

What can you expect from me?

  • Expert advice on products
  • Personal advice tailored to your needs
  • Personal contact
  • High-quality products
  • Fast delivery

If you have a question, feel free to get in touch. The easiest way is via app (0650400286), chat on the website, facebook or mail.