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Wholesale of Sensory Products

Educadora Wholesale specializes in sensory tools for children and adults with, among other things, stimulus processing problems. Our Sensory Products and Tools are extremely suitable for people with ADHD, autism or HSP.

Wholesale trade services of Chewelry (Chewigem)

Educadora Wholesale has been the exclusive distributor of Chewigem Chew pendants since 2013. Chewigem is a Scottish brand that established itself in 2010 in trendy and safe chewing jewelry.

Wholesale trade in weighting toys

Educadora Wholesale has its own production line in weighting tools Our weighted pillow and the weighted dragon are popular tools for home and classroom.

Wholesale of Sensory Toys

Educadora Wholesale is distributor of the Petit Boum brand. Petit Boum is known for its wide range of sensory bottles. The sensory bottles are stimulating as sensory toys for babies. But also to be used effectively to calm or stimulate children with, for example, autism.



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