What are the different chewing strengths of chewing jewelry?

The chew jewelry is divided into 4 categories:
– Light chewing requirement
– Average chewing requirement
– Firm-medium chewing requirement
– Firm chewing requirement
It depends on how much force a child/adult puts with chewing and depending on the intensity/chewing frequency which product fits best. The products for light chewing needs are usually suitable for children who do not really bite through, rather fidget and munch on products. The products for medium chewing needs are best suited for children who like to take something in the mouth such as pen or pencil and chew on it. The products for strong chewing needs are for those children and adults who can chew vigorously and put on strength.

How do I keep my chew chain clean?

Chew chains can be washed in the top section of the dishwasher, just remove the cord. But of course, you can also clean a chew jewelry in dish soap.

How can I adjust the length of the chew chain cord?

When you click the clasp open then you can undo the button on either side of the clasp. Remove the part of the clasp and cut the cord to the desired length. Then add the part of the clasp back to the cord and tie a knot again.

How do I make a good choice for a teething necklace?

Buying a teething necklace is not easy. There is a lot of supply. It is important that you observe whether your child chews hard and intensively or occasionally and does not bite vigorously. But also, one child may chew with molars and the other with the front teeth, this also matters in the choice of a chew chain. You can read more advice and tips in the article; Tips on buying a chew chain

Is there a warranty on chewing jewelry?

We do not offer a warranty on the chew chains. It is not feasible for us to assess which product best suits your child or client’s chewing needs. I understand that this is difficult for you as a parent or supervisor as well.

If you have any doubts about purchasing, please read our article about buying a chew chain or contact me and I will try to think with you which product is the most suitable. Despite this, it can still happen that a child chews harder than expected and a product is quickly damaged. One child can chew a dog tag for 8 months without any problems (light chewing needs), while another child knows how to chew or gnaw the button (strong chewing needs) to pieces within 1 month.

Can I buy on account?

Companies, institutions, practices and schools can buy from us on account. When ordering, please choose bank transfer and state in comments: pay by invoice. We will then ship your order and send the invoice by mail.
Individuals can buy on account through Billink. You then pay after receiving your order. More information can be found at Billink.

Can I pick up the order?

We do not have a physical store, pickup is unfortunately not possible.

What carrier(s) will you be shipping with?

We ship with GLS (sometimes with DPD, DHL or Postnl).

Where can I go for advice on the products?

As an orthopedagogue, specialized in problems in the stimulus processing such as ADHD, autism and sensory information processing problems, I am happy to help you in advising on appropriate products (and their use) for your child , yourself or client. The easiest way is to email or app me and if necessary we will try to schedule a call appointment.

Can I purchase at a discount as a therapist?

For therapists we have a special offer, so you can benefit from extras for your practice, exposure to the outside world and discounts for your clients. Leave your email address here and we will email you our offer.

How can I use the VAT reverse charge mechanism?

As an institution, school or company in Europe, you can make purchases and use the VAT reverse charge mechanism. In the ordering process, please enter that you are using B2B and enter the valid VAT number. The VAT reverse charge mechanism is then automatically applied.

Details on the invoice are not correct, can this still be adjusted?

It is possible that the data you entered during the ordering process may not be correct on the invoice. This is often the case with companies and schools. Or you may still wish to use the VAT reverse charge mechanism. Of course, we can adjust the invoice. For this we charge 15 euro administration costs

Can I have a package shipped to another address?

In our webshop it is possible to send a package to another address. You choose a billing address at checkout and check the box that you want it shipped to another address. So it’s easy to send a gift this way.