Some children are hypersensitive or under-sensitive to certain sensory stimuli.

Perhaps you notice that your child is more sensitive than others? You may be searching for how best to help your child feel better about himself. You may be wondering where the behavior is coming from and how you can help your child.

In our knowledge base you will find a wide range of articles written by me, orthopedagogue (specializing in stimulus processing problems) about stimulus processing (and stimulus processing problems), ADHD and autism.

The knowledge base below is divided into a number of categories under which you will find various articles. Where applicable, you will also find links in the articles to relevant blogs on our website.

Chew chains and chew jewelry

Would you like to learn more about chew chains for children? If so, you’ll find several articles here that address what chew jewelry is, what its benefits are, and who it’s suitable for.

Chewing and chewing needs

Some (older) children still chew or bite on toys, pencils or clothing. You probably recognize it in your child. During an unguarded moment in front of the TV, the strings of the sweater or shirt collar go into the mouth.

Stimulus Processing

What is excitation processing? How do you recognize if your child has an irritant processing problem? And what is actually meant by over-stimulation? In the links below, I’ll give you more information about excitability and related topics.

Sensory information processing

High Sensitivity




Social Development

Toys and development

Fidget Toys

Vision of Play and Toys

Sensory Development


Tools to de-stimulate