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Tuff tray Game suggestions

Tuff tray game suggestions A Tuff tray is a large shallow bowl, with which you can offer (young) children loose materials to […]

Bite toys for babies

Babies have chewing and sucking needs and it is good to offer your child bite toys for this.

10 gift tips for boys

Looking for a suitable Sinterklaas gift or Christmas gift. Find here 10 kadotips for boys, for the holidays. We make a selection […]

Educational toys for preschoolers

From the age of 4, children are allowed to go to school. Learning is now more active in this age phase, often […]

Which materials are suitable for Loose Parts Play?

Loose parts play, is actually offering loose (natural) materials to your child, with which your child is challenged to explore and use […]

Fidget toys, why so popular?

What are fidget toys? Fidget Toys are actually also a kind of gadgets and with a Dutch word, this is also called […]

10 Shoe gift tips

Tangle classic The Tangle classic is a classic to fidget with and is extremely popular as a shoe gift. This tangle feels […]

Why a sand table / water table should not be missing !

Why is a sand and water table indispensable in the education of your child? Read more about a sand table and […]

Tips for understimulation and overstimulation in the classroom

Does your child also have such a hard time in the classroom? Do you also notice that it takes your child […]