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Is the use of noise cancelling headphones or hearing protection not recommended?

Sound sensitivity is often a major problem for people with sensory challenges. Many try to use headphones that shut out the world […]

What makes Chewigem unique?

Chewigem offers a variety of teething jewelry with unique finishes that you won't find anywhere else. There is always a Chewigem chewing jewelry that suits you.

How Projection Improves Children’s Sleep

For sensitive children, projection can be a powerful tool for finding peace and achieving peaceful sleep.

Is a teething necklace bad for your teeth?

Is a teething necklace bad for your teeth? Let’s look at this another way: Do you think the things your child chewed […]

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What causes a child to bite?

You’ve noticed that your toddler (or child) is chewing on toys, or maybe you’ve been alerted to your child biting other children […]

Oral Stimulus Seeker

Some children continue to put things in the mouth to chew or suck after the age of two. Many of these children […]

Does your child benefit from the firmest bite chain?

Do you suspect that your child is a sturdy chewer? Does your child bite through the strongest bite chains? Then be sure to read our experience and tips.

5 fables about chewing needs

Unfortunately, there are still many misconceptions about bite chains. Read the 5 most common myths about chewing needs and use of chewing chains.