Tubi Jelly Set Monsters

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With the Tubi Jelly set, create beautiful three-dimensional figures from monsters in gel-like substance, examples and blank patterns are included.

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Tubi Jelly Set Monsters

Tubi Jelly by Tuban is a great creative product! With this Jelly, your child can create three-dimensional figures with gel consistency in combination with the right activator. What sets us apart from others is definitely the BIG pack of gel liquid – up to 150ml capacity! Each set with a small aquarium contains no less than gels of 6 different colors.

The small aquarium set TUBI JELLY MONSTERS contains:
– 6 gel liquids with a capacity of 150 ml in the following colors: blue, orange, white, purple, yellow, glitter blue;
– 12 templates with sample patterns;
– 1 blank slide to draw your own unique pattern;
– 6 sachets of 5 g activator;
– 1 sachet of water crystals 10 g;
– a bowl;
– 1 liter aquarium.

User Manual

Step 1.
Before you start, prepare an aquarium with water crystals.
To do this, fill the aquarium with warm water and pour 1 bag of granules into it.
The temperature of the water used is very important,
Because the warmer it is (but not hot!), the faster the crystals grow.
When the crystals swell and fill the entire aquarium, this is a sign that they are ready to play.

Step 2.
Prepare the activator in the rectangular container that we included in the kit
needed to harden the rubber.
To do this, add the powder to 400 ml of cold water and stir until
The powder is completely dissolved.

Step 3.
Choose a stencil with a pattern and prepare tubes of paint,
that you will use while painting.
Slowly make an outline of the shape depicted on the slide by first running the gel liquid along the contours
and then apply in the middle of the pattern. Make sure that the gel layer is not too thick,
because an excessive amount of gel liquid causes the cartridge to spread to the sides
And the jelly itself hardens for a long time.
If your pattern has small elements, such as eyes or a face, make them at the end
at the final stage of painting, so that they do not have time to melt.

Step 4
Place the pattern drawn on the template in the activator for about 2 minutes. Do not remove it from the container. After this time, start moving the template carefully. The activator should gradually get under the jelly and cause its complete detachment. Repeat this process for 3-4 minutes until the jelly completely drains from the foil. If you take a “fresh” jelly in your hand and press it lightly, you immediately feel that there is still a liquid mass in it that has not yet hardened. Remember that the longer the gel stays in the activator, the harder it will become. ATTENTION! Leave the painted template in the activator for a long time

(i.e. without shaking it to loosen the cartridge) it may turn out that the pattern cannot be peeled off the foil
And any attempt to tear it off will negate the impact of your work.

Step 5
Rinse the finished and solidified jelly in clean water,
to remove the remains of the activator from the surface.
After such a bath, the jelly is suitable for playing.
What else can you do with the jelly?
For example, you can put it in a previously prepared aquarium
with water crystals or put it in a vessel with water and let it float.
You can play with the jelly like any character, give it a name or make up a story,
whose main character will be a jelly character. We included a blank slide in each of the sets. In case you’re wondering for what purpose, we’ll explain ? it in advance Foil without a pattern is the perfect option for any creative mind to create their own creations based on the theme patterns in the set. It allows you to paint any pattern (heart, star or letter), you can put it on a coloring book or an illustration and follow the pattern that interests you.

Product specifications

  • Brand: Tuban
  • Age: 8+
  • Products are safe for children and do not contain harmful substances







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