Weighted blankets and weighted cuddly toys

Our third daughter Noor was born with a rare genetic mutation on her9th chromosome, Kleefstra syndrome. This means that it is multiple […]

Review Ocean Wave projector

Our Thijs of 4 has an overall developmental delay of 2.5 years, but is fortunately a good sleeper. With a banana (for […]

Review Bite Chain Chewigem Curve

Chewigem bite chain Curve resembles the chubes chewing chain, but in use it is ideal for fidgeting as well.

Review sensory tubes

I already read a lot about sensory tubes and the many possibilities that exist to fill the sensory tubes with all […]

The water ball is fascinating and soothing

The water ball is a ball filled with water and available in various fun versions, with glitter, with minus balls or with […]

Buy a bite chain? Top 5 cheerful bite jewelry

Buying a bite chain? Chewing on chewing jewelry helps with self-regulation. For example, chewing can have a calming effect on moments of […]

Push pop it and Simple Dimpl

The Push Pop Bubble and the Simple Dimpl craze In this article I will talk about the Tik Tok […]

De-stimulation with Rubbabu and drip track

Overstimulation versus Destimulation Kobe likes to play with a ball. Now that he realizes that you can also play together with the […]

Senseez Cushions, what you need to know!

In this article I will discuss the different senseez products and how they can support children and adults as a tool. The […]