What do you give a child with autism as a gift?

Giving presents to a child with autism requires a little extra attention to their specific needs and interests. Check out our tips

The hidden benefits of weighted hugs – and blankets

Find peace with a weighted hug In a world that often feels overwhelming, it can be difficult for children to find moments […]

How do I get school to accept sensory aids?

Glasses, an adapted chair due to motor problems, such adjustments are perfectly accepted by schools. But unfortunately, not every school or teacher […]

How to clean a chewing jewelry?

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School Resources for Your Child with Autism

Children with autism often have a hard time at school. Certainly within regular education there are many stimuli in the school situation […]

Structure and Routine in Autism

Kobe, structure and routines. It is inextricably linked. I don’t really remember it very well, but given Kobe’s diagnosis, we started visualizing […]

The water ball is fascinating and soothing

The water ball is a ball filled with water and available in various fun versions, with glitter, with minus balls or with […]

De-stimulation with Rubbabu and drip track

Overstimulation versus Destimulation Kobe likes to play with a ball. Now that he realizes that you can also play together with the […]